Principal Works
This list does not include works for television, translations, adaptations,
teaching, conducting, radio plays directed other than my own, the many productions for various Israeli radio stations, music for educational institutions, or public service like the arts council theater committee or head of theater composer's union. This list does not include dramatic works not yet produced but does include productions of same work in different languages. Hobbies and sports activities other then the one important solo exhibition are not included.  Starting in 2005 I have included chamber music.

Operas, ballets and stage plays that I wrote/composed are in bold.
Radio works are in Italics.
Dir. indicated that I directed the production.

2014 Tthe papers, scores, and recordings of Richard Farber were taken into the collection of the National Library of Israel. They will be digitalized and available first to scholars and then to general public
completed conposed the entire book of Heine poetry Verschedene



An Opera "Before Ken 'n Barbie" has been commissioned by the WDR.

Seraphine, Yolenta und Marie, and In der Fremde -- song cycles on texts by Heine, along with works for solo piano were performed in Wuppertal and recorded by the WDR in a concert called Nie Zuhause



In October there will be a concert of all of my four song cycles with texts by Heine in Essen.

Some of my Heine Lieder were performed in concert in Erfurth

2008 Concerto Grosso for Percussion & Orchestra has been commission by the WDR and the Duisberger Philharmoniker premiere on Sunday 27 April as part of the WDR Musikfest
Yolante und Marie, a song cycle for voice and piano, text Heine, for Peter Shea Heine

Impromtu and Invention for viola and violin.
Dialogues for piano solo
Miniatures for solo clarinet
Seraphine, a song cycle on poems by H. Heine
4 Solo Sonatas
2005 Dichotomy - a Symphony was premiered in concert at the WDR in Cologne on 30 April 2005 at 22:00 on the Nachtmusik program. The broadcast was two weeks later.
Angelique, a song cycle on poems by H Heine

37 Depression Miniatures, a pocket opera was recorded in a 'concertante version' by the music department of WDR Colonge in October. I conducted and played the speaking part of the conductor.
2003 A Stone, Just a Little Stone  Radio Play RB  dir.
Stage Direction, to Love in Jerusalem   Beer Sheva
2002 Operation Midnight  Opera  Bonn Opera
5 1/2 and other Ballet Music  Double CD  ICL Israel
Stage Direction, Poetry as theater  Beer Sheva
2001 Stage Direction, The Color Pearl   Beer Sheva
2000 The Argo Mission Radio  Play WDR  dir.
Stage Direction, Backyard Games  Beer Sheva
1999 MicKrophones, Radio Play  WDR  dir.
Stage Direction, Under Milkwood  Beer Sheva
1996 The Eternal Triangle Trio  Opera Cologne+Vienna
Oriental Textiles, A Composer's Collection  Exhibition  Krefeld
Dichotomy  Radio Opera  SFB/WDR  dir.
1995 Music for Lights -  Animated Film  Jerusalem
1994 Dracula & the Ballerina in Chains  Opera  Pfalztheater
1993 The Quest to Polyphonia  Opera  Tel Aviv
1991 Music for Mann im Schatten - Ballet  Stuttgart
27 Depression Miniatures  Radio Sonata  SFB/WDR/DRS  dir.
1990 The Quest to Polyphonia  Opera  Stuttgart
Castle Doors, a Homage to M.C. Esher  Radio lithography  BRT
Brussels  dir.
1989 A SeaSide Story  Radio Play  SWF  dir.
Metropolis Tel Aviv  Radio city portrait   WDR,ORF dir.
1988 The Last Clochard  Radio Novel  SFB/K.I./DRS  dir.
The Plastic Knight  Radio Operetten  BR  dir.
Music for J. G. Borkman - Habimah
1987 Noise and Music  Radio Sonata  BR  dir.
Music for Ha-Em - Ballet Inbal Dance Theater
Footfalls  Radio Cartoon  KRO Holland
1986 Count Dracula of Balkavina  Radio Opera  BR  dir.
An Exile  Radio Play  WDR+RB  dir.
Four Dreams of Death  Radio Sonata  ORF  dir.
Tears {Tranen}  Radio Play  KRO Holland  dir.
1985 Private Mourning Public Grief  Radio Play  France Culture
Music for Ytzhak the Crybaby - Akko Festival
Music for The Lady and the Pedlar - Haifa Theater
1984 Private Mourning Public Grief  Radio Play  RB  dir.
Toy Operettes Radio Opera  BR  dir.
Down Woods Down  Radio Play  ORF  dir,
Tears [Larmes]  Radio Play  France Culture
1983 Encounters with Red Headed Women,  a Novel  Vienna
Words of Affection  Radio Play  HR,  dir.
Wind Sand Sun Sea  Radio Play  KRO Holland  dir.
1982 Spot(t)-Operetten  Radio Opera  BR  dir.
The Comedy Team  Radio Play  WDR
The Gates of Jerusalem  Radio Play  RB+BR  dir.
Music for Illuminatus - J erusalem Khan
1981 Wind Sand Sun Sea  Radio Play  RB
Music for Impression of Tel Aviv - Ballet  Bath Sheva
1980 Wind Sand Sun Sea  Radio Play  France Culture
The Cave  Radio Play  SR  dir.
Music for tis Pity She¸s a Whore -  Beer Sheva theater
Music for  5 Finger Exercise -  Beer Sheva Theater
Music for The Human Voice -  Beer Sheba Theater
Music for Tyre and Jerusalem -  Akko Festival
Music for Rashomon -    Jerusalem Khan
1979 Music for The World We Live In - Beer Sheba Theater
Music for The Doll House  Beer Sheba Theater
Music for Ionesco Evening - Beer Sheba Theater
Music for Blood Knot -  Beer Sheba Theater
Music for The Magic Brothers - Beer Sheba Theater
1978 From Ben Gurion to the Sea  Stage Play  Jaffa
Music for The Terrible Deed - J erusalem Khan
Music for Jerusalem Images -  Jerusalem Khan Music
Music for Saved -  Beer Sheba Theater
1977 Mr. Death, Sir  Puppet Play  Jerusalem

SR, BR, WDR, SFB, HR are German Broadcasting Networks. Only the original producing companies are listed and not other stations that later broadcasted the same work. ORF is Austrian. DRS is Swiss. KRO is Dutch.
BRT is now called VRT is Belgian. K.Y. is the Voice of Israel - only the one coproduction with European stations is listed and not the many works in Hebrew.


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