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I have worked very little for film and television and ask myself why.
The first commission that I had for t.v. was to compose for a series on the talmud for the educational television in Ramat Aviv.  I was shown the pilot of the first two or three episodes - I think eight were planned.  I plotted out what music was needed for the episodes and was booked a single recording session to do some sketches for the pilot.  I borrowed a little keyboard from one of my kids and I had a good analogue synthesizer for some effects.  Maybe I played some wind instruments.  I quickly multi tracked the music... first takes each time so that they could get an idea of what the music would sound like.  We had planned to orchestrate the music when the series was approved.  

A week went by and a second and maybe a third and I had no answer from the producer so  I called.   

- It's finished? she asked

- What's finished?

They had recorded and mixed the entire series in those two or three weeks USING MY DEMO TAPE.

I had pretty much decided then and there that I preferred to work in a media where I had more control.

I did do music for a couple of low budget features, one in Israel and one in Vienna.  Perhaps best forgotten in the murk of time.

One animated film that I composed for is however a gem.  "Lights, the story of Hanukka"  is worth a look and a listen.

It is available on under the name
Video > Lights: The Miracle of Chanukah (1993)   

For some strange reason I do not receive royalties on my music for this film even though it is sold on video and is often broadcast on television during the holiday season.  My performing rights society had the producers in court many years ago but nothing seems to help.  But I still recommend the film.  The animation is wonderful.



Lights: The Miracle of Chanukah
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