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from the jury recommendation for the 2007 Prime Minister's Prize for Composers.
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"The writing of Richard Farber is always flowing and vital no matter what ensemble he chooses to compose for.
Apparent in his writing is a great imagination and the courage to break conventional molds and return to them.

The works of Richard Farber are multifaceted, sometimes dramatic, theatrical and extrovert and in the next moment intimate and lyrical. His control of the instrumental media is complete and the composer knows how to achieve the utmost from each orchestral instrument."

Prof. Yehudit Cohen
Alon Bohr
Roni Porrat

Music Examples...
listenDichotomy, a Symphony 1st Movt. WDR Michael Willens Conductor [Listen]
listenDichotomy, a Symphony Interlude & 4th Movt.
listenPassacaglia Nr. 1 for Orchestra Duisburg Philharmonker Karen Kamensek conductor
listenConcerto Grosso for Percussion and Orchestra 3rd Movt. "The Circus comes to town" Karen Kamensek conductor 2008
04 37 Depression Miniatures Track 0405 37 Depression Miniatures Track 0506 37 Depression Miniatures Track 0608 37 Depression Miniatures Track 0810 37 Depression Miniatures Track 10
37 Depression Miniatures
[37 kleine Trauerigkeiten] WDR Bartz/Kröll Dickel/Barolsky
listenOperation Midnight scene nr. 2 die Ankunft libretto Kaldi Bonn Opera
listenOperation Midnight scene nr. 8 das Komplott libretto Kaldi Bonn Opera
51_2actIInr.251_2 actIInr.451_2actIInr.551_2actIInr.61_2actIInr.10
5 1/2 Music for the Stuttgart Ballet

choreographer Zanella
listen listen listenHeinelieder - Seraphine, Schöne/Bächli
listenHeinelieder - Yolanta und Marie, Jürgens/Wedmann
listenHeinelieder - In der Fremde, Jürgens/Wedmann
listenSeven Miniatures for Flute, Clarinet & Bassoon Ensemble Meitar
listenSonata III for Solo Flute 1st Movt, Enola Yample
Interview in Hebrew...
Interview - Kol Hamusica with Zmira Lutsky
Part 1listen  Part 2listen

Musical examples are on YouTube

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