Librettist,  a funny word and an almost impossible profession.  
It is almost impossible to write a really good libretto.  
It is in fact almost an oxymoron.  A good libretto can't be good.  
It can only be good or complete or satisfying when it is filled out with music.  
The libretto must always have something missing, a feeling of lack of depth,
a feeling of not arriving at the core of the problem.
Librettist, a funny word and an almost impossible profession.

Here is the beginning of Wind Sand Sun Sea
(PDF icon 15KB).  There is no story, no plot, only a situation.  
Four Israeli men of different ages are at the beach.  What should be a day of fun is not.  
The elements of the beach remind them of the wars that they fought.

In this opera there is some use of radiophonic sound effects.  
I wonder if this is not an attempt to add realism to a situation which is more absurd or impressionistic than realistic.

Fanny and Bertha is the story of an elderly lady who has gone to a
department store to buy a doll. The story of a porcelain headed doll that
was killed by a falling fruit at a tea party was told to me by Joyce Miller.
In a sense this libretto is for her. I have been thinking about changing
the name to Before Ken n Barbie. What do you think?
The first act of two appears here. To read the entire libretto please
contact me.

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The first act of two appears here. To read the entire libretto please contact me

These are the first pages of the  Libretto.   
to read the entire Libretto Please  Email me
or Mr. Huller at Dreimaskenverlaglink

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