A noncommercial site devoted to collectible weavings, where rug
enthusiasts can connect.

Monica Fallon

Monica Fallon takes an active part in the constantly renewing networks between composers, performers and concert producers. She participates in program decisions and reaches out to the audience through the media, and has done much to further the work of Yossi Hammami, a composition student of mine.

Musikverlag Ricordi Deutschland
Music publisher, especially of operas.

Drei Masken Verlag, München Deutschland
Theater publisher [agency]

The Niuean Centre for American Pop Culture
This is a site with a sence of humor, and an important scource for Mercury Theater radio plays.The Niuean Pop Cultural Archive

Die Kölner Akademie/Orchester Damals & Heute
This is the site of Carl Unander-Scharin a fine composer and performer whom I met at the last ITI music theater workshop.
A beautiful site with beautiful music to hear.

Anjara Ingrid Bartz

Mezzosoprano who brilliantly sang the roles of "the secretary" in Operation Mitternacht and the singer in 37 depression miniatures

Peter Schoene
an excellent German baritone

Uzbek Craft Online Store
A very nice little online store for Central Asian arts and crafts.

Shiri Abramson
is a fashion designer with a wonderful scene of humour and style. I love her ties and can be seen with two of them in photos on the site.

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